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The building was constructed in 1953 by Willy Van Hove, who bequeathed it later to the FAB and the UPA-BUA, the two professional associations that he was presiding. The Architects’House is a forum for architecture, open to any activity that promotes architecture and related arts and crafts. The FAB (Federation of professional Associations in Belgium) and her 3 members AriB, BVA and UWA, as well as the CUB and the UPA-BUA, are seated on the upper floors, with the CIAUD (A+), the CERAA and the FUB.

Fédération Royale des Sociétés d’Architectes de Belgique
Koninklijke Federatie van de Architectenverenigingen van België
Architects in Brussels
Beroepsvereniging voor Architecten
Union Wallonne des Architectes
Chambre des Urbanistes de Belgique
Union Royale Professionnelle d’Architectes
Koninklijke Beroepsunie van Architecten
CERAA Centre d’Etude, de Recherches et d’Action en Architecture
A+ architecture in Belgium (CIAUD/ICASD)
FUB For Urban Passion
ECTP-CEU  Conseil Européen des Urbanistes